Our Mission

Vineyard FutureWorks has defined a mission to unite and create a collective among all those working for the good of the island, in both the public and private sectors, so that planning and fund-raising take place at a regional level, information is shared cross-island, redundancies are avoided, and the full strength of island creativity is unleashed. Our goal is nothing short of one island, united against the challenges that face us, and inspired by a common vision of a better future.

About Us

Vineyard FutureWorks is a growing collaboration of concerned islanders, seeking to preserve all that is best about the Vineyard as we know it today, while leading the way toward a Vineyard Future that protects the island from the challenges it faces and fully realizes the potential it holds. 

We focus on four pillars of Vineyard life:

Economic Sustainability

Engaging Community

Environmental stewardship

Cultural Vibrancy

Economic Sustainability - Innovative and Independent


We will work to strengthen our traditional industries, while evolving to a more balanced, diverse, and sustainable year-round economy that allows people who grew up on the island to stay on the island.


We will collaborate with other Island organizations to find ways to create more living wage employment. 


We will support and enhance efforts to strive for island energy independence, and we will explore ways to increase usage of the island’s innovative transportation system to relieve automobile traffic on island roads.  

Environmental Stewardship - Accessible and Green


Preserving the spectacular natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard is a central concern of all those who live here. Again working with other island groups, Vineyard Futureworks will explore ways to further support the cause of environmental stewardship.


We will help to coordinate efforts of current vineyard groups seeking strategies to protect island water quality, we will support efforts toward increasing native habitat, and amplify efforts at enhancing the Island-wide trail network, including improvement of shoreline access for all. 

Engaging Community - Connected and Empowered


Martha’s Vineyard looks and feels a lot like small-town America, with strong community connections and a high level of public concern.


We will explore ways to reinforce neighborhood solidarity such as using technology to create an online space where islanders can meet, talk, exchange ideas and make plans together. 


We will work to assist ongoing efforts to beautify streetscapes, protect historic resources, and promote green building practices.


We will strive to support the diversity of Martha’s Vineyard community by identifying creative new options for more affordable housing, which islanders agree we need, but which we have collectively struggled to achieve. 

Cultural Vibrancy - Supported and Promoted


The Island has a thriving arts and culture community, with a striking breadth of cultural resources: music, arts and drama thrive here, and some of the Vineyard’s cultural institutions and artists are significant on the national level.


Our cultural resources are as important to our economy as they are to MV quality of life. We will examine ways to take the lead in supporting, promoting, and cross-promoting our creative resources, so that we take full advantage of the cultural potential of the Island, both for personal fulfillment of residents and visitors, and for the economic benefit of the community. 


A key part of this effort will be working with the Vineyard Arts and Culture Collaborative concept, and finding ways to better activate the mission of this program. 


In all areas of our focus, we will strive to do three things for the Vineyard and for Vineyarders:


Create new knowledge and fill knowledge gaps. We will find and analyze data/information, including Vineyard archives, current working group records, and info from other regions and municipalities who are solving similar problems. We will assemble this information into an online resource that coordinates all island information resources, to support fully informed, fact-based decision making for Vineyarders seeking to think, plan and act on behalf of the Vineyard future. 

Demonstrate the possible. We will identify concrete examples of strategies, methods and tools that can support progress toward the Vineyard future. Working alone or in collaboration with existing vineyard groups, we will implement demonstration “beta” projects around the Island to prove the feasibility of these strategies, methods and tools. 

Improve implementation. We will work to Identify best practices in regulations, policies, practices, and decision-making tools for Vineyard future management, and present these decision -making resources for consideration by island-wide action groups and by Vineyard governance. 

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