Frequently Asked Questions About Us


Who are we?

Vineyard FutureWorks (VFWKs) is a group of concerned citizens around the island, seeking to unite the vineyard in pursuit of a better future for the island and the island community.


What are we trying to do?

Vineyard FutureWorks will work to promote collaborative, regional based action toward solving the pressing problems that face the island today.


We will seek to support the efforts of Island nonprofits, towns, county officers, and members of the MVC to succeed working in unison:

  • by introducing them to outside experts with relevant skills and knowledge,

  • by linking to external resources also working on problems the vineyard faces -around the state and around the country,

  • and through identification of private, state and federal funding sources.

How are we trying to do it?

  • Vineyard FutureWorks will build technology to link information generated by all involved in future planning, and to foster communication between all, so that efforts island-wide can become synchronized and coordinated.

  • We will conduct in-depth interviews across the island with all of those involved in working for the Vineyard future, to better understand their needs and wants, we will systematize and publish the results of this work.


  • We will engage with the MVC and the Dukes County administration to forward the cause of Regional planning.


  • In the fall of 2020, we will host the OneVineyard Summit, to showcase the progress made by island towns and non-profits, with a focus on the results from collaborative efforts. This summit will also include input from national experts on topics of Vineyard interest. It is planned to be the first of an annual series going forward.

Does the VFWKs Board consist of Year Round or Seasonal Residents?  
All are year round with an average connection to the island averaging 40+ years. 

How did VFWKs begin? 
It began as a series of "grassroots" meetings of diverse island leaders concerned that important island issues were not being addressed urgently enough. These meeting began last October and were initiated by Dennis daRosa and Bob Johnston.

What is your relationship to the MVC?  
At the moment, it is an informal relationship where we meet periodically with Adam Turner, Bill Veno, Dan Doyle and other staff to learn about MVC priorities regarding the island's future and Adam and other staff have attended almost all of the Vineyard FutureWorks meetings.


How are you funded?

Since January, we have primarily been funded by the Board's checkbooks, however, we are now seeking financial support to be able to realize our ambitious goals to create island-wide value for the Vineyard.

What are the Values/Beliefs of VFWKs?

  • We respect all islanders and their diverse perspectives, believing each wants the best for the island and the island community.

  • We believe people support the future they help to create.

  • We believe that the intelligent cooperation of six towns will create more value for the island than six towns operating independently, especially with Climate Change.

  • We believe an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach is key to addressing complex island problems.

  • We believe some island challenges, like Climate Change, require a sense of "urgency", if we are to address them effectively.

Are there any organizations like VFWKs creating value on other islands?

Yes, many, and the number is growing. The Island Institute provides similar support to 15 islands off the coast of Maine, helping them share best practices and innovate new ones for complex problems like Climate Change.


As we go forward, we will be posting our calendar of events, news, and progress on our website. Please visit to see what we’re accomplishing:


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