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Frequently Asked Questions 


What Are Your Core Values and Beliefs?

  • We respect all islanders and their diverse perspectives, believing each wants the best for the island and the island community. 

  • We believe people support the future they help to create. 

  • We believe that the intelligent cooperation of six towns will create more value for the island than six towns operating independently, especially with pandemics, climate change, sea rising, water quality and waste management, among others.

  • We believe an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach is key to addressing complex island problems.

  • We believe some island challenges (like a pandemic, climate change, sea rising, and water quality) require a sense of "urgency", if we are to address them effectively.

Are there any organizations like Vineyard FutureWorks

creating value on other islands? 


Yes, many, and the number is growing. We are developing a partnership with Island Innovation, the organizer and host of the Island Innovation Summit 2020 where 500 islands participated to become more sustainable. Close by, the Island Institute in Maine provides similar support to 15 islands off the coast of Maine, helping them share best practices and innovate new ones for complex problems like climate change.

Should we be paying attention to the needs of

Martha’s Vineyard “today” or “tomorrow”?


“We must pay attention to both!”, Vineyard FutureWorks

“A best practice for ‘regional’ (read Vineyard) planning is to have one foot firmly planted in the present and one foot firmly planted twenty years into the future, continuously”, Tim Brennan, iconic Regional Planner for 40+ years, Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts.

As we go forward, we will be posting our calendar of events, news, and progress on our website. Please visit to see what we’re accomplishing.

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